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Whenever a job opens up at your company, your first thought may be to fill it with someone similar to the employee who just left or was promoted to another position within your organization. You might even look for a candidate with similar qualifications and strengths as the person who had the job previously. However, it’s important to identify what the ideal candidate is for the job, regardless of who held the position before.

With any job, there are skills that need to be identified that will help someone succeed in the position. Those skills, along with the candidate’s particular strengths and weaknesses, should inform you on whether or not they will be a good fit. If you can create an outline of what you feel to be the ideal candidate for the job, you can apply that to any person you interview throughout the course of the hiring process.

As far as Crystal Equation’s role in this process, we will do everything we can to bring the ideal candidates to you. When you provide us with what it is you’re looking for in an employee, we can apply those metrics to our search and identify those candidates who should be a good, if not perfect, fit for your organization.

Ideal Candidate Heading

Ideal Candidate

Open Positions
Open Positions Heading

Your company may have multiple positions available at any given time, especially if you’re a newer organization that’s looking to build your internal team. In situations such as these, you may not be as concerned with finding the “perfect” candidate — you just want to hire eager, enthusiastic employees who are willing to learn and grow as the company grows.

At CE, we love pairing candidates with new companies who have an energy and an emphasis on growth and expansion. You might be a brand new start-up that is looking for both experienced people and entry-level employees who can infuse ideas that will help take your company to the next level. If that’s the case, we’d love to show you how we can help.

If you have an open position for a managerial or executive role, we can help with those as well. Our pool of candidates includes people of all experience and skill levels, and you might be looking for someone who can lead your company into the next era of growth and expansion. For the tech sector, this could be a Lead Developer or Lead Engineer role, and you’re looking for someone who understands where the industry has been, where it is now, and where it’s going in the future.

As soon as you identify which positions you have open, please reach out to us right away. We can begin connecting you with viable candidates who could prove to be a valuable asset to your organization.

Ideal Candidate Heading

As a business owner and employer, you know that timelines and deadlines are extremely important to your company’s success. When you have an open position, you may want or need to fill it as soon as possible. Perhaps you have a project that has a very tight deadline, and you need someone right away. It can be very beneficial to determine your timeline for hiring a new employee so that you know exactly when you need them to start, when they can begin training, and when they need to be up to speed on everything they’ll be responsible for while working for you.

With entry-level positions, you may not have a set timeline for when you would like to hire a new candidate. You have a good sense of when you’d like to begin interviews and have people start, but you’re pretty open-ended when it comes to dates. When you work with CE, we can make sure that you have people to interview when you need them to, and that candidates start when it makes the most sense for both you and them. For any project-specific positions, such as Design or Development, we can make sure that you have a suitable candidate exactly when you need them.

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Hiring new people always requires a level of investment of both time and money. You likely have a set salary for certain positions, and you’re willing to negotiate with a candidate based on experience. However, you want to make sure that you stay within your budget regarding the open position. We can help you identify candidates who are looking for a salary that’s in line with what you’re offering, and who are willing to accept a job at its current salary level.

Crystal Equation can also help with the administrative costs associated with hiring new people. When you work with us, you can reduce costs and simplify payroll by transferring employees onto our payroll. As a hiring manager, you have many responsibilities when it comes to finding new employees, and by taking advantage of our contract staffing, managed services, and direct hire staffing, you can help save your organization money by eliminating lengthy searches for candidates.


At CE, we believe in promoting diversity and inclusion in everything we do. We integrate practices to create a work environment where individuals are valued and collective empowerment is encouraged on a daily basis. We love partnering with companies and organizations that have the same core values surrounding diversity, and that see inclusion as a top priority.

As you’re looking for IT staffing solutions for your business, we hope that we can help you identify candidates who bring exceptional skills and strengths to your organization, while also providing unique insights and ideas into promoting a wider range of perspectives. We hope that you want the same things we want for our team — a healthy work-life balance and an emphasis on personal wellbeing.



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