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Building Trust is Our Solution

IT Staffing- About Us


In general mathematics, the Sigma is an operator for summation.  The Sigma equals the sum of our team.

Crystal = Clarity and energy 

Equation = Our solution of building trust.

We develop relationships. Every good personal or business relationship is built over time through the inclusion of ideas, consistency in approach, and adapting to change. We are helpful, engaging, caring, collaborative and friendly. This is how we engage others to build trust. We recognize the importance of a welcoming atmosphere, transparency, open communication, reliability, comradery, helpfulness, empathy and kindness. This is what we hope to achieve in a trusting relationship.

Crystal Equation develops relationships to provide IT staffing services worldwide.  Founded in 2006, Crystal Equation provides contract staffing, direct hiring and managed services for a wide range of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.  Professionals looking to advance their careers find unique positions at Crystal Equation, and enjoy reliability, open communication and ongoing support.

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IT Staffing- Empowering People

Empowering People

Crystal Equation builds trust with candidates and staff through professionalism, transparent communication and ongoing support. Finding the ideal situation for each individual through honest feedback and genuine care is key to developing trusting relationships.  Through Crystal Equation, candidates have access to a diverse array of startups to Fortune 500 companies, enabling them to choose their area of interest.

Advancing Technology Initiatives

Crystal Equation builds trust with clients through active identification of needs, appropriate placing of expertise and ongoing communication efforts.  Candidates are pre-screened to ensure an appropriate fit, and Crystal Equation employees actively pursue feedback to establish transparency in each partnership. 

IT Staffing- Advancing Technology Initiatives

Meet The Team


Christine Terman

  • LinkedIn
Ana Apostolescu.png

Ana Apostolescu

  • LinkedIn

Director of HR & Operations

Max McIlwane2.jpg

Max McIlwaine

  • LinkedIn

Regional Director- West

Anna Howell 2.png

Anna Howell

  • LinkedIn
Julie Selders.png

Julie Selders

  • LinkedIn
Bruce Lee.jpg

Bruce Lee

  • LinkedIn

Head of Corporate Development

Mischa Mohamed.jpg

Mischa Mohamed

  • LinkedIn

Regional Director- East

Meet the Team
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