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IT Staffing- Managed Services

Managed Services

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NOC/Managed Services

Crystal Solutions are geared toward medium to large-sized technology companies who must cost-effectively scale their data operations and improve their data delivery capabilities to meet growing business intelligence needs. Our product is a new integration-ready Data & Network Operations platform that is UX optimized for efficiency that provides:

  • A centralized view of your data operations and its health in real-time

  • Issue auto-remediation and troubleshooting functionalities that minimize time spent for resolution and maximize your team’s engineering productivity.

Crystal Solutions offers battle-tested AI issue detection, triaging, troubleshooting, and resolution through our zero-friction platform.  It will quickly become a godsend to your team’s on call experience, just as it did for other clients, as tens of millions of dollars were saved in operational costs.

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IT Staffing- Business Meeting

Types of Services Offered

Managed Services may be initiated to achieve a variety of functions, including:

IT Staffing- Data Operations

Data & Networking


IT Staffing- Database Engineering



IT Staffing- Data Services- Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya



IT Staffing- BI Integration- Image by Kevin Ku

Business Intelligence Platform Integration/ Management

For all Managed Service positions, Crystal Equation provides full support from start to finish, including onboarding training and support, payroll management, coordination of benefits, performance evaluations, communication and guidance, and offboarding documentation and support.  

Crystal Equation serves as the NOC/Managed Service Provider (MSP) for clients through a service-level agreement that states the performance and quality metrics to be met throughout the relationship.  The benefits of this approach include:

  • Increased access to diverse sets of skills and knowledge

  • Reduction of costs by decreasing redundancy

  • Improved efficiency through automation of processes

  • Avoidance of complexities- Crystal Equation is the “One Stop Shop”

  • Enhanced transparency through comprehensive reporting

Advance Technology Initiatives

Get started today by scheduling a 30 minute discussion on your business goals and objectives, so that we may cater our services to best meet your needs!

Or, call us at 847-480-7575 today!

Crystal Equation provides IT staffing services in locations worldwide. 

Contact us to find out how we can advance your technology initiatives!

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