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IT Staffing- Who We Recruit

Who We Recruit


Hire Diverse Talent

At Crystal Equation, we recruit a wide range of talented professionals, knowing that every company will have different needs when it comes to their IT, marketing, and design focuses. You might need a network engineer for a specific IT project, as well as a content manager for your advertising and marketing department. You might need to create a new website, and therefore need an experienced graphic designer who can build, maintain, and improve your site with ease.

IT Staffing- Team Meeting- Image by Jud Mackrill


  • Automation Developer

  • Data Engineer

  • Data Operations Engineer

  • Embedded Developer

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Network Engineer

  • Product Manager

  • Software Developer

  • Systems Admin/Engineer

  • UI Developer

  • UX Developer

  • UX Researcher


  • Content Writer/Content Manager

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Recruiter

  • Sales Engineer

  • Technical Writer


  • Design Engineer

  • Graphic Designer

  • Motion Graphic Designer

Don't See What You Need on the List?

Get started today by scheduling a 30 minute discussion on your business goals and objectives, so that we may cater our services to best meet your needs!

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Crystal Equation provides IT staffing services in locations worldwide. 

Contact us to find out how we can advance your technology initiatives!

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