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We Support Local...Nationwide

Crystal Equation, an IT Staffing and Marketing/Creative Staffing firm, recognizes the importance of giving back, and values the charitable efforts of staff to improve their local communities.  CE engages staff and their communities through matching gifts for employee donations and volunteerism.  Community involvement leads to the broadening of perceptions by meeting new people, helping to improve empathy, patience, kindness and resilience. 

IT Staffing- Community Giving


IT Staffing- Volunteerism at Crystal Equation


In the past, Crystal Equation has supported philanthropic efforts toward:

  • Youth empowerment

  • Services for individuals with disabilities

  • Environmental action

  • Cancer research


As we move forward, we continue to collaborate with new local partners to enhance access, promote inclusion and embrace diverse causes.  Through local involvement, employees embrace the Core Values of Community, Curiosity, Change and Communication.  The Crystal Equation Matching Gift is available for Corporate full time employees who have been employed by Crystal Equation for over 6 months.  Eligible 501c3 organizations may complete the online matching gift request form by clicking the link below:

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