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IT Staffing- Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing


Crystal Equation Provides:

  • Coordination of full benefits for all contractors, including Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, time off according to state guidelines and more

  • Payroll management

  • Performance evaluations, communications and guidance

  • Onboarding training and support

  • Offboarding documentation and support

Image by Pedro Lastra
IT Staffing- Ellie Karayan

Ellie Karayan,
Talent Acquisition Specialist

I work to understand who candidates are on a personal level. Candidates always like when I ask "what lights your fire?", since it helps them know I'm looking for roles that are tailored to their passions, rather than a paycheck.

IT Staffing- Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee,
Head of Corporate Development

I actively listen to each candidate to find the best fit.  I take the time to ask questions, and always treat them with respect and kindness.  I share my experiences and any other knowledge I have to help them along.

IT Staffing- Allene Acosta

Allene Acosta,
Talent Acquisition Specialist

I relate to candidates by sharing my personal experiences in job hunting.  I also ensure that I am being 100% transparent in my conversations.  I want candidates to find positions that will enable them to grow and be happy, even if it is not one of my positions.

Identifying the Right Candidates

IT Staffing- Identifying Candidates

Based on skills and experience, Crystal Equation identifies candidates best-suited to meet the needs of clients.  Contractors may work on-site or remotely, depending on need.  With years of experience, Crystal Equation is dedicated to inclusive hiring practices that bring diverse skill sets to teams.  All contractors are hired on an hourly billing basis, with a mutually agreed upon length of contract. 

Contract to Permanent Placement

When a client decides to retain a contractor as a permanent employee, Crystal Equation provides the support necessary to make this transition. 



Advance Technology Initiatives

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