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Data & Networking Operations

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NOC/Managed Services

About Us

The Data Operations Team provides 24/7 “white-glove” global service for data pipelines at scales since 2016. We specialize to drive operational efficiency in data workflows, help deliver data faster and more reliably across your data warehouse.

The Network Operations Team proactively and expediently identifies, communicates and collaboratively responds to all issues and restores services as needed. Crystal Equation's NOC services are fully self-sustained and independent, empowering the CE team to quickly resolve issues when they arise.

Data & Networking Ops Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with scalable services to improve operations experience for Data & Network Engineering teams by reducing their daily operational workload. All these efforts lead into more reliable data pipelines and improved landing times for your organization. 


The team’s goal is to make existing data & network engineers more productive: eliminating sunk time by finding problems and taking low-end IT operations “maintenance” work away to allow them to develop new solutions. Development teams also don’t have to run on a 24-hour clock. Pushing operational work to our global team allows IT operations to scale rather than being development overhead.

Achieving Your Business Goals

Our solution is to create a Level 1 IT operations engineering team that Recognizes, Identifies, Communicates and Escalates (RICE) issues.  The team utilizes a follow-the-sun model across the globe in order to ensure 24/7 access.


Our Data & Network Ops Solution Architect works directly with your team to ensure that all necessary information is gathered, and that the Data Ops service meets your needs based on warehouse scale, infrastructure, data privacy criteria, engineering and integrations and support level needed.



Our experience shows that a broadly scoped support team can cross verticals, isolate problems, and escalate them to the correct system owner for resolution, before stakeholders further down the stack even realize issues have occurred.

Data & Network Ops started out in 2016 with 5 engineers manually supporting operations for a single team.  Within 5 years, we've scaled to support over 200 teams and mastered the ins and outs of data and network pipeline support, providing services to over 95% of data warehouses.

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As we have increased our coverage and continued to develop new tools and techniques, we have expanded our services as an engineering team, with a core focus on building automation and tooling that simplifies your oncall workflows.


Our Approach

We create efficiencies through automation, decrease manual work, and free up engineering hours that may be currently consumed in IT operations. Furthermore, we substantially reduce the redundant work of multiple teams while investigating upstream dependency failure.

Our solution is to create a Level 1 IT operations engineering team that Recognizes, Identifies, Communicates, and Escalates (RICE) issues. The team utilizes a follow-the-sun model across the globe in order to ensure 24/7 access.


Scaling To Your Needs

We help companies to address data pipelines operations by providing 3 different types of services, scaled to meet the various needs of businesses:

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“Honestly this was amazing - we just onboarded the Data Engineering team to this service, and I can't speak highly enough. We used it on WP for years and it was fantastic then too, but really missed it when it was gone. Keep up the amazing work!”

- Client


Advance Technology Initiatives

Get started today by scheduling a 30 minute discussion on your business goals and objectives, so that we may cater our services to best meet your needs!

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Crystal Equation provides IT staffing services in locations worldwide. 

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