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4 of IT’s Most In Demand Professionals


Is it that time to begin searching for a new career opportunity? Crystal Equation is the perfect recruiter to partner with. Not only do we have a breadth of experience in the tech industry, but our database of potential employers is rich and thriving!

Move your career forward and discover some of the best opportunities that provide you the things that you’re looking for in a new career. Perhaps it’s more flexibility and autonomy or one with competitive benefits, whatever you’re in search of, Crystal Equation can find an optimal match.

Crystal Equation caters directly to the tech industry and has specialized recruiters that understand what each sector needs, and who is a good fit for all parties — employer and potential candidates — involved.

We’re not a hiring agency just trying to fill a position and get someone into it as quickly as possible, we take out time to work with both the talent and businesses who are hiring to expertly place quality people who will complement the company culture beautifully.

We can help those looking for a new job in tech by helping to leverage skills and experience and getting them in front of the top employers in IT/engineering, marketing/sales, and design. From full stack developers and content managers to graphic designers, we place people in the top positions that perfectly lend to their expertise in tech.

Are you part of IT’s most in-demand professionals? Learn more about this topic in today’s post!


There is no doubt about it, software developers are in high demand so if this is your area of expertise there are a myriad of opportunities to choose from, and companies will likely make it worth your while to attract the best talent by offering bonuses and other perks.

As a software engineer, your genius zone is in programming languages in design, development, testing, evaluation and maintenance of software — no one can quite do what you do, and this is what makes your job so in-demand. With rapid technology developments, more and more positions in software development emerge daily.


The drive for software developers results from the need for innovative software — from custom-built websites to applications, companies need people who can create and maintain software.

If you’re a software developer with a unique skillset (blockchain, cybersecurity, AI, etc.), Crystal Equation would love to match you with a promising new career path from our broad database of potential employers.


Much like software developers, data engineers are in high demand because of their specialized skills. Data engineers are what connect the fancy analytics and insight metrics that make it possible for businesses to engage with, and understand.

Compared to other fast-growing jobs in tech, data engineers top the list coming in over back end developers, senior data scientists, CRM developers, and many more.

Why else is there such a high demand for data engineers? Companies are investing in large-scale data projects that the industry just can’t keep up with, not to mention their very specialized training, where you can’t just fake it until you make it!

Crystal Equation tailors recruitment of data engineers and helps businesses procure the talent they need. If you’re a data engineer, partner with us to learn more about career opportunities.


While tech marketing may not seem close to the demand of data engineers and software developers, they certainly play a large role in the success of tech companies.

While it may seem like everyone on LinkedIn or other professional networking platforms have some sort of experience in digital marketing, finding the best marketer for your company can be harder than you think.

Tech is a difficult industry to hire for to begin with and with the tech talent gap growing larger everyday, digital marketing experts that have experience and key skills in practices, insights, and concepts that apply to the tech realm, can really be the tech marketing unicorn.

From SEO prowess and marketing managers to marketing automation specialists, these tech marketing positions can be tough to fill , but when employers and potential talent work together with us, those vacancies can be filled by qualified candidates sooner rather than later!


The high demand for data scientists is still very relevant in the tech industry. More and more companies are ramping up data analyst positions and putting their data literacy skills to work!

What exactly is a data analyst? A data analyst is a person who typically gathers and analyzes data to project insight for an organization. This information can help generate insight into potential products, marketing strategies to support, or even how to improve processes. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for ways to use and understand the data you gather, you’re going to need a team of data analysts.

Ready to change the trajectory in your career as a data analyst? Crystal Equation is here to support you!

It takes roughly 50% longer to hire for tech positions than other roles, which plays strongly into your court! If you’re in IT, there is likely a career opportunity that’s seeking you out and is ready to make competitive offers.

Curious about what companies are out there? Work with Crystal Equation to discover a new career path in the IT industry.

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