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Employers: Four Questions to Ask Your Direct Hire Recruiter

Updated: May 6, 2022

Connecting talent with opportunity

As a business owner, it’s imperative to stay on top of your staffing — ensuring that you have the right people in place at the right time. This is, of course, a very fine balance, and because it’s always a revolving door, managing your staffing concerns is a full-time job!

If this is one piece to running your business that you’d like to delegate and get off your plate, Crystal Equation has the staffing solutions you’re after.

The direct hire recruiters at Crystal Equation are especially well-trained in a hiring methodology that we’ve honed for over three decades — delivering the best talent around! We’ve combined classic recruiting techniques with innovative technology to locate potential candidates from a high-demand talent pool.

When you embrace our direct hire services, you can focus on what’s important in your business, instead of having to spend precious time searching for the right candidates. Crystal Equation partners with you to understand what you need in potential talent, and delivers the best people that fit effortlessly into your company.

Learn more about questions to ask your direct hire recruiter in today’s post.

What industries do you recruit?

Crystal Equation recruits candidates from high-demand talent pools — we find the people that are hard to get! We specifically tailor to companies looking to hire those in IT/engineering, marketing/sales, and design.

These positions are notoriously hard to fill because not only have many organizations shifted to how they operate — many employees are now exclusively remote — but it’s also difficult to find qualified applicants , while standing out from other companies who are also looking to swoop up and attract talent. Thanks to Crystal Equation, we always have our eye on the best talent, and we do the tough leg work for you.

Those who are always looking for exceptional talent to fill positions or expand departments including data engineers, product managers, UX developers, technical writers, content managers, design engineers, and more, can always partner with Crystal Solutions for the best staffing solutions, thus the best people for your business!

Why partner with Crystal Equation instead of filling the position on my own?

Crystal Equation finds the best talent for your company as a result of our tried and true hiring method. Our screening process matches high-quality candidates by matching their skills, training, and experience to exactly what you need.

This is our zone of genius — finding the right people for the right business — and it’s what we do exclusively. We have a network of people that you just can’t find anywhere else, especially if you’re trying to do this alone.

If you have the time and resources to devote to staying on top of your staffing this might be something you can handle internally, but Crystal Equation has streamlined this process and can deliver quality applicants time and time again.

Crystal Equation also has an innovative temporary-to-hire program that takes all the risk of a new hire away from you! If you’re not satisfied with an employee, we’ll quickly replace them, and you don’t have to have made the investment of adding them to your payroll.

From workers’ compensation to unemployment costs, we have them covered. Gain peace of mind and combat the stress of recruiting and sorting through applicants when you partner with Crystal Equation.

What is the cost of hiring Crystal Equation?

Hiring direct recruiters from Crystal Equation varies by several key factors including account volume, workers’ comp costs, and the lead time for our recruiters. With this in mind, Crystal Equation provides a cost-competitive alternative to staffing agencies, and at the end of the day, we provide a much higher level of service.

It’s also important to ask yourself the question, what is the cost if we don’t hire Crystal Equation? If you’re committed to attracting and retaining the right people, having us as a resource and working in the field, truly it can be irreplaceable to companies.

How do you find potential candidates?

Crystal Equation has been leading the industry for over a decade, and in this time we have established a solid and trustworthy reputation while building a robust database of potential candidates. Our direct hire recruiters seize every moment and interaction to discover new talent and find the right people for all the industries we cater to.

When you partner with us, our recruiters will work with you to identify what the right candidate will look like, and then get to work getting in touch with their contacts and searching our hiring pool. We seek to place long-term talent that’s a flawless fit, and that begins by knowing your business and what it needs.

Recruitment is a little bit of luck, but the foundation at Crystal Equation is putting in the legwork to find the gems of the industry.

Looking to level up the employees at your business and optimally manage your staffing needs? Crystal Equation can lend a hand. Our direct hire recruiters have the skills to identify and place the top talent in your field, so if you’re looking to attract the right people in IT/engineering, marketing/sales, and design, we can make it happen!

Partner with Crystal Equation and our direct hire recruiters today!

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