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How Does Crystal Equation Build Relationships With Their Clients?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Our role at Crystal Equation™ is quite simple: to provide high-quality Marketing and IT recruiting services to businesses around the world. A critical aspect of running a small business is having the right employees with the right expertise to keep your entire operation running smoothly. But should an employee leave unexpectedly, or should you as an owner realize you need assistance from IT professionals, then it’s time to get in touch with Crystal Equation™ to see how you can fill that vacancy.

As an IT recruiting and staffing agency, our mission is to identify your needs as an organization and provide you with the experienced, qualified candidates you deserve. Building ongoing, long-term relationships with our clients is important to us, as we understand the magnitude of helping you fill any employment vacancy. Our woman-owned business is passionate about providing resources within the technology sector, acting as the IT recruiters you need to find the best possible applicants. If you’re interested in taking advantage of our contract staffing or direct hire staffing services, discover how we cater to your individual needs down below.

Learn more about how our Crystal Equation™ team builds close working relationships with Chicago area businesses and contact us today to get your own high-quality applicant pool!

Collaboratively Identifying Your Small Business IT Support Needs

You as a business owner may already have identified if and when you need IT professionals to perform daily or weekly functions. However, even if this isn’t on your radar right now, it’s important to be prepared and to have an expert on your team who can help prevent IT emergencies and website shutdowns. This is where IT staffing agencies like Crystal Equation™ come in. Although Crystal Equation™ does specialize in connecting IT professionals with business owners who are looking to hire them, we also provide support in hiring employees who have expertise in marketing, sales, and graphic design.

Our IT recruiters are passionate about building relationships with our clients right from the get-go. The first step in our staffing and hiring process is to collaboratively identify what your needs are as a business owner. You may have a specific position that needs to be filled or need the advice of IT professionals to move forward with your business operations. Either way, let us help you figure out exactly what you’re looking for! Chicago business owners and employers can schedule a free 30-minute discussion on their business goals and objectives with us anytime to get a handle on what you need to be successful!

Customizing The Hiring Process for IT Recruiting

What your Chicago business is looking for will greatly affect the overall hiring process. Crystal Equation’s™ IT recruiters will work with you directly to determine the best path toward providing you with the marketing, sales, design, and IT assistance you need. Customizing the hiring process is part of what makes our company stand out when it comes to IT recruiting and building relationships with clients; we are entirely focused on providing you with the resources you need.

The contractors and applicants may work remotely (or on-site) and are typically employed on an hourly basis. However, this does not mean your business has limited choices for qualified individuals, Our contractors can easily transition into permanent employees, at which point Crystal Equation™ will provide all the necessary support to achieve this goal. Get in touch with us today to receive individualized support on how to approach hiring additional help and to take advantage of our customized hiring process!

Providing Quality Candidates From Our IT Recruiters

After our Crystal Equation™ IT recruiting staff members have helped you identify what your needs and goals are, we can help sort through possible candidates and provide you with a pool of qualified persons. Our organization holds a distinct focus on employee longevity through full-time employment, filling your business’ vacancies with expert IT recruiting services. We will provide you with the small business IT support you need by filtering all possible individuals based on skills and experience and providing you with a diverse pool to choose from. Whether it be through direct hiring or contact staffing, Crystal Equation™ is known for employing inclusive hiring practices you can trust.

Business owners and employers can expect a noticeable reduction in time compared to working with other IT staffing agencies or IT recruiting organizations. Hiring the right employee and the right contractor to meet your business needs shouldn’t be long and drawn out, which is why Crystal Equation™ focuses on identifying quality candidates as soon as possible. We understand how much you trust us to provide you with the small business IT support you need, and we take that extraordinarily seriously. The entire customized hiring process is simplified with complete transparency, meaning you can trust that the right full-time candidate is hired at the end.

Assisting With Various Business Areas

Crystal Equation™ as a recruiting agency is all about proactively identifying IT professionals and delivering highly qualified professionals for you to choose from. All of this occurs after we closely work with you to identify what areas of business our contractors can help you with. Although our IT recruiters can help connect you with technologically savvy individuals, our diverse portfolio of talented contractors can also provide you with candidates who can handle your business advertising; your website’s content and back-end coding; your advertising efforts; and your sales.

Regardless of which area of business you need assistance with, Crystal Equation™ will provide you with the individualized attention you deserve.

Our representatives build relationships with our clients by dedicating one go-to person to weight directing with your business; this point-person will provide the tools, training, and support necessary to help you achieve success. Should you need additional help with marketing, sales, engineering, or small business IT support, simply let your representative know and expect the same swift, customized candidates research and hiring process. Crystal Equation™ is passionate about relationships with the candidates allocated with our organization, helping them grow and make sure of their talents with the right company.

Work With Crystal Equation’s IT Staffing Agency

Crystal Equation™ is a certified woman-owned business providing resources within the technology sector. Our IT recruiters are focused on helping Chicago area businesses and employees succeed; matching high-quality candidates with businesses who need their expertise and identifying areas for IT professionals to succeed is what our company is all about. Crystal Equation™ is an equal opportunity employer, focusing on creating a diverse and inclusive environment for contractors; we are uncompromising in our standards and are committed to filling your business vacancies with the right people.

Create a professional working relationship with Crystal Equation™ by contacting us directly and taking advantage of a 30-minute discussion session. Let us help you review your business goals and objectives now!

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