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How Does Direct Hiring Save Me Time and Money?

At Crystal Equation, we don’t just excel at finding the right candidates for your contracted or temporary opportunity; we also have the best full-time IT candidates available for long-term employment in any company. Direct hiring allows us to do the boots-on-the-ground work of combing through candidates while you focus on running your business. Our team of professional evaluators will compile a short list of candidates for your direct hire position and pass it along to you, so the final interviews are in your control.


Diverse Talent Pool

With a diverse pool of exceptional candidates with extensive IT experience, Crystal Equation can easily help your company save time and money with direct hiring. Because our candidates have already been evaluated and found to meet the Crystal Equation’s high standards, your recruitment process can be streamlined and focused on finding the best fit for the specific role and company culture.

One of the main advantages of direct hiring is the ability to identify and hire top talent quickly. By having a pool of pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates, Crystal Equation can help you avoid the time-consuming process of sifting through resumes and conducting initial interviews. This can save your company valuable time and resources and allow you to fill open positions more quickly.

Don’t waste time and energy going to job fair after job fair. Crystal Equation has already done the hard work for you and cultivated a group of exceptional IT professionals from universities around the country.

Save Time and Money

It takes on average over three weeks of dedicated time from an experienced HR professional to publish job postings, evaluate resumes, run background checks, and initiate the paperwork. This isn’t even to mention the drain on a manager’s time and attention as they get pulled into interviews for candidates that might not even make the cut.

Save time, energy, and money by letting Crystal Equation handle sourcing a qualified candidate for your full-time IT position. As technology becomes more and more embedded in our workplaces, having a full-time IT employee with institutional knowledge is paramount to an organization’s long-term success. Using direct hire staffing from Crystal Equation, you can rest easy knowing that an exceptional candidate is coming your way. Once we’ve identified the right candidates, we will pass them off to you for final evaluation and interviews.

What Does the Process Look Like?

  1. You identify your needs and qualifications for your full-time IT position.

  2. Crystal Equation’s team of experts will collaborate with you to customize the hiring process.

  3. We will identify the best candidates to fulfill the needs of your business.

  4. You get our short list of potential applicants and conduct the final rounds of interviews and culture fits.

You Make The Final Call

When it comes to finding a permanent candidate for your company’s IT position, we understand not wanting to leave it up to chance. That’s why we do all the hard work upfront to find the best applicant for your positions and leave the final culture fit and technical interviews to you. No one knows how your organization works better than you.

With direct hiring from Crystal Equation, we find the candidates and you make the final call. And if you don’t choose one of the applicants we found, we have the expert team to reevaluate our qualifications and get you the best shortlist possible for your full-time IT position.


At Crystal Equation, we have years of experience evaluating IT candidates for a variety of positions. If you need a full-time IT position filled but want to keep control over who you hire, our direct hiring process is the best way to save you time and money. Don’t waste your HR team’s energy on low-level hiring tasks. Let Crystal Equation create a short list of excellent candidates, so you can focus on finding the best fit.

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