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How to Decide Whether You Need Contract or Direct Hire Staffing

Considerations to keep in mind with both options!

When your company is in need of qualified, experienced IT professionals, it’s hard to decide how best to move forward with the hiring process. Choosing between contract staffing or direct hire staffing can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together an in-depth guide as to how best to staff the IT professionals you need!

What is the difference?

First, it’s important to understand the difference between the two options for staffing through Crystal Equation. Understanding this difference can help you make the staffing decision right off the bat, because it can better set you up for fulfilling your company’s needs or requirements for pay, benefits, and so much more when it comes to these new staff members. When you utilize contract staff from Crystal Equation, your new IT professionals will be contracted to work for you through Crystal Equation. That means we employ these professionals and provide them with benefits, training, and more to set them up for success to provide work to your company. Direct hire staffing, on the other hand, provides your company with new employees that are paid, trained, and receive benefits from you.

Benefits of Contract Staffing

As with running any company, keeping budgets, timeframes, and employee workloads in mind is important, and adding new employees to your staff could potentially create strain on any of those factors. One of the many benefits of contract staffing is being able to hire IT professionals, engineers, and even creators for your company who are ready and able to complete the work you need without having to go through the training process. At Crystal Equation, we make sure to vet all of our contract candidates so they are the most qualified and professional staff you can find, as well as provide benefits so your new members can focus on hitting the ground running as soon as they start for you.

Benefits of direct hire staffing

Direct hire staffing looks a little different from contract staffing services, mainly because the candidates you hire will be employees of your company, instead of contracted work from Crystal Equation. This means that you have more flexibility with the duties, responsibilities, and training opportunities for your new staff members by direct hiring. This also means that your new staff are yours to keep on your team for as long as you’d like! One of the advantages of direct hiring is that your new staff members are part of your internal team, meaning that they’re more likely to participate in company events, they will likely have more company loyalty for your business, and they can be amazing assets for your company in the long run!

Still unsure about which choice to make?

If you’re not sure about which way to go with staffing services, our team is here to help. Both contract staffing and direct hire staffing are great ways to supplement your team and ensure that workloads, morale, and employee satisfaction stay positive, so working with the professionals at Crystal Equation is a great way to understand which option would work best for your company’s unique needs! We’re happy to consult with you and will work to ensure that your staffing solution is the right fit, both for your budget and for your team!

At Crystal Equation, we’re committed to providing comprehensive IT professional staffing solutions for our clients. Whether you’re looking for new employees to join your team permanently or you need contracted staff to help you meet deadlines and maintain positive employee morale and workloads, we’re here to help with the IT professionals you’re looking for! Learn more about our services, professionals, and solutions today!

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