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  • Brian Selders

How To Know It's Time for Direct Hire Staffing

When filling positions in your company, there are many options and routes to take that can help with the workload your team is handling. Exploring every option is important for finding the right solution for your company and to ensure that you’re helping your team with the qualified professionals that can support your workload. Direct hire staffing means adding permanent staff members to your team, and can be a great way to expand your business, but it can be confusing to understand when to choose to direct hire as opposed to utilizing contract staff. Here are four key factors that help you know when it’s time to direct hire instead of contract your staff:

Your business has consistent hiring needs

Running a business means that you need to have staff that works to keep the company running smoothly as a team. When you’re consistently looking for help with achieving your company goals or you notice that the workload piles up regularly throughout the year, you probably need to expand your workforce with direct hire staff. By working with Crystal Equation to direct-hire new employees in the IT sector, you’ll find qualified, experienced, and professional people who can round out your all-star team and help you achieve your goals.

You have yearly demands for a specialized skill set

IT professionals are in high demand throughout the world because their skills and knowledge are translatable, essential, and highly specialized. If you regularly find yourself in need of professionals with a specific skill set, you likely need to direct-hire a professional to ensure that your team is always prepared to handle anything. When you are able to utilize your staff consistently throughout the year instead of going through the hiring process over and over to meet your needs, you’ll be better prepared to handle your team’s workload.

Contract hires are costing you money, year after year

Handling your company’s workload throughout the year can look different at different times, but if you notice that you consistently have to spend extra time and money on obtaining contract hires, you might want to consider direct hires instead! By directly hiring in new staff members to support your current team, you’re providing year-round help, expertise, and work to your team. In addition, hiring directly helps you save time and money in the long run because your new staff will stay with you for longer when they’re your own, internal employees. By utilizing a direct hire staffing service, you can ensure that you’re cutting down on yearly hiring costs by making a long-term investment in permanent staff members who don’t have time constraints from contracting their work.

You want the best candidates for your business

One of the most important parts of running your business is making sure that you have the right team for the job and that your team works well together. In order to do this, it’s important to hire the best candidates for your open positions so you have a team of highly qualified, trained, and cooperative professionals who are able to complete the tasks at hand to better impact your business. When you use direct hire staffing services from Crystal Equation, you’re ensuring that you not only have qualified professionals, but ones that fit best with your team, your company’s goals, and your company culture, too!

Deciding on the process and finding the right hiring solution for your company’s staffing needs can be difficult, but you can skip the headaches and stress when you work with Crystal Equation! Instead of finding yourself in a never-ending loop of contract staffing, you may find more value in utilizing our direct hire staffing solutions! Get started with your own, tailored staffing solutions by contacting us today!

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