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Professionals: Four Questions To Ask Your Direct Hire Recruiter

Updated: May 9, 2022

When you’re a professional in the hiring pool, you may be approached by direct hire recruiters to place you in a company that you would otherwise not have heard about. When this happens, it’s an exciting and potentially beneficial opportunity, but it’s always important to understand what you’re getting into when finding a new career position. At Crystal Equation, we’re dedicated to helping IT professionals like you match up with IT companies and positions, so we’ve put together four questions you should ask your direct hire recruiter when looking for a new position.

What Size Companies Do You Work With?

This question is a great one to start off with. Depending on your professional background, your honed skills, and your scope of work, the size of the companies this recruiter is working with may not fit what you’re searching for in a new position. Whether you like to work for a large company that has a constant stream of work, or you prefer to work with smaller companies who tend to be more tight-knit, asking your recruiter this crucial question can help you to either understand what you’re being considered for, and whether or not you would like to join that size company.

Do You Place A Lot Of Professionals In My Industry?

When you’re working with a direct hire recruiter, it’s key to understand what their specialties are and how you fit in with their process. If you’re in an industry that is difficult to place, or you’re looking for a very specific type of position, you’ll want to know that your direct hire recruiter is capable of helping you find that position. Crystal Equation direct hire recruiters work with and specialize in IT careers and professionals, so we’re well-versed in placing professionals like software developers, IT engineers, and more. We work with all kinds of IT companies to find positions that match our candidates needs, skill sets, and even soft skills to ensure a great match and a beneficial placement for both company and professional.

What Are The Most Important Aspects Of A Good Match?

One of the most important parts of working with a recruiter is understanding what a good match looks like to them so you can either set your expectations accordingly or you can set their expectations to fit what you are looking for. When a good match is made, both the employer and the new employee will mesh together and the employee will be able to fulfill the duties and responsibilities in their new role while receiving the benefits, pay, and experience they’re looking for in a professional position. Understanding how your recruiter will be matching you to new companies will also help you to decide if working with them is the right choice for your career, too.

Does A Lot Of Your Talent Choose To Work With You Again?

Another important question to ask your recruiter when deciding if you want to work with them is whether or not the talent they’ve placed chooses to work with them again. This is a key piece of information for potential employees to know because if your recruiter is too enthusiastic and claims that a lot of talent works with them again, they may not be making a lot of matches that stick. If you’re looking for a position that you can gain more than a year or two of experience in, a loosely-fitting match may not be the right choice for your career. However, a recruiter that does tend to have talent come to work with them again may mean they make great matches for talent that is constantly looking for improvement in their career, so understanding the difference between the two is key.

At Crystal Equation, we work with IT engineers, software developers, and other IT professionals to find great positions and place them with our direct hire recruitment services. Learn more about it online today and get started finding a new position you love with Crystal Equation to help!

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