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Recruiting For Entry-Level Positions

Whenever someone starts a new tech business, they want a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help them get the company off the ground. Along with themselves, the entrepreneur may bring in a few experts who can set the business up for success, but the bulk of the employees will likely be people with differing levels of experience. A majority of new hires may be entry-level positions, and at Crystal Equation (CE), we love helping businesses identify those candidates who want to start their career in the IT field, but who may not have previously worked in the industry.

When it comes to technology recruitment, entry-level jobs can be both the easiest and the most challenging for which to hire. The responsibilities of these positions aren’t usually too burdensome, but it’s important to find a candidate who’s willing to put in the work and stick with the company. The last thing a business owner wants to do is replace employees on a regular basis!

Setting the parameters

If you have a tech company that’s hiring for entry-level positions, it’s important to set the parameters of the job and make them as clear as possible. For example, anyone who applies for this job should know what it pays, what the job title is, what the responsibilities are, and who they’ll be reporting to, should they be hired.

Let’s say you’re hiring for a Junior Data Analyst position — if so, lay out the hierarchy of management, starting with yourself at the top (if you’re the CEO), and work your way down through upper management to senior leadership to the open entry-level position. This will help candidates understand who they’ll be working with (and for), and what the opportunities for growth are at your company.

No experience necessary

The biggest challenge that business owners and managers can face when hiring for entry-level tech jobs is that those who apply may not have any experience in the field. While this doesn’t have to be a drawback, it can mean that there will be a lot of on-the-job training that needs to happen, since your new hire will have to understand the basics of their new position.

You can look for candidates with the necessary educational background, such as software engineering or programming, and even though they may not have experience in the industry, they have the knowledge to get them started. Our team can provide you with candidates who have a degree in the required field, and you can narrow down your choice based on expertise, personality, and a number of other factors.

Building your team

Once you’ve hired your first few entry-level candidates, you’ll begin to see your new team take shape. You might be hiring for just one or two departments, such as Marketing and Design, but once you have motivated, eager people who are ready to start, that momentum can carry your company forward. When you work with CE, you’ll find that our goal is to help your team grow and succeed, whether that’s by adding one person or ten people.

As your team grows, you may find that certain people integrate faster than others, and some are ready to move up as more senior positions become available. Everyone moves at their own pace, and you’ll begin to recognize those employees who are bought into your company culture and who want to work there for a long time. Other employees may not stay as long, but the more you can identify the right fit for your entry-level positions, the less you’ll have to worry about turnover.

Contact us today!

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your technology recruitment needs, please contact us today. We have a pool of excellent candidates who can meet the criteria for any entry-level job your company has, and we can work with you on identifying the perfect hires.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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