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The Impact of Employee Referrals on Talent Acquisition

In today’s competitive business environment, filling jobs can be difficult when companies are fighting for talent and staffing companies are tasked with quickly finding qualified people. Businesses have turned to employee referral programs as a popular solution to talent acquisition. This practice is becoming increasingly popular, due to its ability to quickly add qualified individuals to a team. Crystal Equation, a staffing company in Chicago, IL, can provide employers with a great way to find quality talent quickly, and therefore can have a significant impact on talent acquisition.

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Quality Candidates

Employee referrals often result in higher-quality direct hires. Since the referral comes from an existing employee, companies should have the assurance that the referral is a quality candidate who fits in with the company culture. This helps reduce the amount of time and money spent on training and orientation, as the employee referral already has a good understanding of the company's requirements.

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Screening Candidates

Referrals can reduce the amount of time spent screening candidates because companies should trust that existing employees will provide honest evaluations of the candidate before referring them. This allows staffing companies to make quicker decisions about hiring and reduces the risk of bad hires because they will be screened prior to interviews.

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Workplace Culture

Talent acquisition will improve based on employee referrals because it will create a positive workplace culture. Companies that encourage their existing employees to become more involved in the recruitment process will make employees feel valued and appreciated for their efforts during direct hiring.

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Utilizing employee referrals to acquire better talent can be difficult when you don’t know if your staff will provide high-quality prospects. One way consistently receive quality candidates is through incentive programs. If employees refer someone and that candidate stays on for longer than three to six months then they receive a bonus. Reliable referrals will stay consistent.

Having a quality employee referral program can improve talent acquisition during the direct hiring process. Crystal Equation, a staffing company located in Chicago, IL wants to assist companies in acquiring talented candidates. Learn more about our direct hiring services today!

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