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What Does the Process Entail for Direct Placement?

Updated: May 17, 2022

When you’re an IT professional searching for a new position to advance your career or a company seeking new talent to hire, you may be considering all kinds of options. A great option for many hires and companies is to work with a direct hire recruiter to help place IT professionals in the right positions for both company and individuals. While it’s an easy process to understand, the process is not well known, so today we’ll be discussing what the process for direct placement hiring entails.

What Is The Process For Direct Hire?

The process for direct hire service for our clients and professionals is actually quite easy! Our team has an enhanced ability to match skill sets and experience to positions through a diverse talent pool. We’ll help you reduce time spent on finding the right match for you, whether that’s a position you’re looking for or an individual you need on your team. We also make sure that the hiring process is simplified and quicker for everyone involved. We first find out about the position you’re looking for or the position that needs to be filled, then we find a great match within our clients or talent pool, and then finally we place the new hire and the client company pays a simple, easy one-time placement fee for our services.

How Long Does It Take For Direct Hiring Process?

This can potentially vary, depending on your company’s goals, requirements, and needs. However, our direct hiring placement process makes it simple and quick to hire a new, efficient, and qualified individual for your company. If your company needs more customized skills and in-depth experience, you may find that the hiring process is longer than if you need an entry-level position. However, whether you need to directly hire a software engineer with 20 years of experience or a new team of IT engineers fresh out of college, we’re here to help cut down the time you spend on searching for talent and getting them on board.

What Is Direct Hire Placement?

You may be asking yourself what direct hire placement actually means. Direct hire placement is a service that Crystal Equation and other talent acquisition companies provide that involves finding the right candidates for our client companies’ open positions. This service can be a one-time transaction or a return transaction, too, so whether you’re searching for that one perfect professional to add to your tech team or you find that you need more professionals on a regular basis as your company grows, Crystal Equation is here to help. We always provide in-depth services and comprehensive pricing, too, so you’ll never have to worry about surprise fees or unexpected expenses.

Do You Interview For Direct Hire Positions?

The short answer for this question is yes. At Crystal Equation, we work to place the best candidates in positions that they’ll love to be in for years to come, which is why we work hard to not only interview a directly place high-quality candidates, but we also work to interview the companies we work with to ensure that we understand their hiring needs, team dynamics, and everything else that an employee may want to know about before being placed into a new position. This way, we can ensure the best match possible for both parties, helping our clients to keep great talent in their companies for longer and also helping our talent to stay in positions they love as they advance in their careers.

At Crystal Equation, our process for direct hire placement is designed to make your life easier. Whether you’re a client company growing rapidly who needs great talent to help grow and scale properly or you’re an IT professional seeking a new position for your career, we’re here to help. Learn more about our direct hire service and contact us to get started today.

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