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What Are Your IT Staffing Needs?

As an IT company, you likely have lots of projects in the works at any given time and several deadlines to meet on an ongoing basis. At Crystal Equation (CE), we understand that you can’t always dedicate the time you need to hire new employees for new departments that are being formed or new projects that are on the horizon.

No matter what your IT staffing needs are, our team is here to help. We strive to connect talent with opportunity, whether you’re looking for a project-based hire or need to build out a new department to take on the overflow of work your company has. Whatever the case may be, you can rely on CE to provide qualified, experienced candidates.

Project-based hires

Your company may bid on numerous projects throughout the year, from building a new IT infrastructure for a start-up company to maintaining a large corporation’s network and security protocols. You have new endeavors coming up all the time, and even though some may be temporary, you need experienced IT professionals who can handle the workload.

If you’re looking for a project-based hire who can work efficiently and independently, we can provide a list of candidates that fits all of the necessary requirements. You might need a data engineer who can oversee the development of a new database or who can update an existing infrastructure to be more secure or robust. You might be looking for a software developer who can put the finishing touches on a new product that you can then present to potential clients and investors. Whatever your project needs are, we can make sure you have the people to fill those roles.

New department hires

If your company is growing rapidly, you may have created new positions and departments faster than you could even name them. At first, you just needed a handful of invested and experienced people to handle all of the work, but as your business took off, those people had more and more responsibilities, and certain things may have been pushed to the wayside. If you need to start a new department to handle a certain portion of your business, such as systems administration or sales and recruiting, we can connect you with qualified applicants who are ready to fill those open positions.

When starting a new department, it’s good to have at least a baseline of what it will look like and what you want it to accomplish. What benchmarks does the department need to reach in the next quarter or by the end of the year? What will the hierarchy be in terms of leadership and management? Having these details can help you not only identify the right candidates, but also give them some insight into what the department will look like as it begins and they step into their given role.

Learn more today

If you’re in need of IT staffing solutions, and you don’t have the time to conduct several rounds of interviews and follow-ups, let Crystal Equation step in and handle everything. We offer contract staffing, managed services, and direct hire staffing, which means there’s less on your plate to worry about when it comes to adding new team members to your company. Whether you’re trying to meet a critical deadline, keep up with a surge in demand, or create a new department that offers specialized services, we can ensure you have access to a high-quality pool of talent.

You can learn more about our IT staffing solutions on our site, and you can contact us with any questions you may have about building your business. We look forward to working with you!

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